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Reclaim Your Smile Regain Your Life

Did you know your teeth are the only ones that cannot heal or restore themselves on their own? It means any damage to teeth is basically irreversible with help from a professional.

A chipped edge, a cracked surface, or even a minor cavity will pose a significant threat to your oral health if allowed to grow worse through lack of treatment. Therefore Dental restoration is not only an option but a necessity.


It might sound like a complicated procedure, but full mouth rehabilitation merely means combining restorative dental treatments to rebuild or fix your smile. At Om Happy teeth, our goal is to not only help you enjoy smiling again but also strengthen and fortify your healthy oral tissues and tooth structures, as well.


What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

It’s a comprehensive treatment plan designed to give you a healthy, beautiful smile again so you can live a better, more fulfilling life! It is a combination of various treatments such as

  • Fillings
  • Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays
  • Root Canals
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants

After a thorough examination of the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist will make a plan customized for you, depending on your oral health.


Why Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

FMR will not only help you restore visual aspects of your oral health but also restore functionality.


Are you a candidate for FMR?

 Here are some signs that might indicate that you might need Full mouth Rehabilitation:

1. You have teeth that are worn down.

Everyone’s teeth wear down with age. Your teeth are strong, but they are not indestructible. Years of daily chewing will eventually take a toll. But it is not normal to have teeth that are excessively worn or painful. Several factors can cause premature wearing of your teeth, including bruxism (or teeth grinding), eating or crunching hard foods; and, dental pathologies.

2. You have certain types of chronic pain

Do you notice frequent jaw soreness or fatigue in your jaw muscles? If so, you may be experiencing temporomandibular disorder (TMD) or jaw joints (TMJs). Your TMJs can become inflamed, irritated, or even arthritic from many causes, such as teeth grinding or congenital problems. TMD is more than just painful. This condition can negatively affect your bite alignment, as well as your ability to freely move your jaw.

3.You are missing teeth.

Many end up missing one or more of their natural teeth. Whether due to injury or to disease, you do not have to live with absent teeth. Modern dental treatments give you several options for tooth replacement.

4.You have experienced dental trauma.

Life is unpredictable, and an accident, sports injury, or other traumatic events can leave you with damage to your teeth. Whether your tooth has been knocked out, chipped, or pushed out of proper alignment, full-mouth rehabilitation can help.

5.You have severe gum disease.

Many patients are unaware that they are suffering from the condition. Advanced gum disease contributes to tooth loss and oral infections. If you experience sore, bleeding, or swollen gums or abscesses in your mouth, you likely have some degree of gum disease. If so, then your full-mouth rehabilitation will first need to include periodontal treatment to control the disease and to ensure the health of your teeth and gums.

Still not sure about FMR? Visit Om Happy teeth to get a consultation from our expert doctor.