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Root Canal Treatment in Pimple Saudagar

Root canal treatment, these words itself seem to frighten us. We are like “any treatment, but not a RCT please!” This is how most of us react when we hear about a Root Canal Treatment. But in reality the process is not so frightening. The recent advancements in dentistry has made it even easier and more comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. With the use of the latest equipment, we, at Om Happy teeth, offer one of the best Root Canal Treatment in Pimple Saudagar.

Earlier, RCT was really a tiresome and troublesome procedure. But now, things have changed.


Now what is a root canal treatment?

A root canal is the natural cavity within the roots of the tooth. It consists of pulp(nerves of the tooth). When there is a tooth decay, this pulp gets infected and causes pain. In root canal treatment, we remove this infected pulp, clean the cavity and then seal it with a biocompatible material. This relieves the pain and restores the tooth. If, not treated, it may lead to further infections that can even affect the adjacent teeth.

Root Canal Treatment in Pimple Saudagar, Hinjewadi

It is always advisable to visit your dentist as soon as you get some pain, so that we can save that tooth and also protect the adjacent ones from any infections. The earlier you visit us, the better your oral health will be. If you have any further queries regarding your oral health or you are scared to get yourself a root canal treatment, visit us at Om Happy Teeth. We are here to offer you the best dental treatment available, by our eminent dental surgeons.