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Crown & Bridge Treatment Pimple Saudagar

Dental Crowns

If you are having missing teeth and want a permanent replacement for it, then crown and bridge is the treatment of choice for you. Om Happy Teeth is one of the best dental clinics in Pimple Saudagar where you can get a crown and bridge done.

A crown and bridge is very similar to a bridge on a river. Like a bridge is held at both ends, in the same way a crown and bridge is held by the adjacent teeth on both ends. If you have a missing tooth, we take support of the adjacent tooth on either side to make a crown and bridge for you. It is a permanent, non-removable replacement of a missing tooth/teeth.

Crown and Bridge treatment in Pimple Saudagar


What do we exactly do to make a crown a bridge?

We take the teeth on both sides of the missing area as a support. On the 1st appointment, we cut a little bit of their crown portion to facilitate the artificial set. Then we take an impression of both the arches and send it to the lab. The missing tooth/teeth is replaced by artificial ones and are cemented onto the supporting teeth on the 2nd appointment.


The crown material varies from steel to porcelain to zirconium, depending upon the need of the patient and the region of the missing teeth.


A crown a bridge gives a complete natural look to the teeth, in turn enhances the smile. Since it is permanent, you do not have to take it out of the mouth to clean it like dentures. You can just brush it like all the other teeth. It is a very good alternative to the primitive dentures. It is a painless and a very successful procedure.