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Fix Teeth In A Day

Do you think it is possible to achieve a dazzling smile in one day? Beautiful dazzling smile – a one that everyone wishes for, feels like a dream or a myth at best. But modern dentistry has made it possible! That’s right; now get your teeth fixed in a day.

But what exactly should one expect from getting teeth fixed in a day? Fix teeth in a day refers to the restoration of damaged teeth.

At Om Happy Teeth, we have made it possible for our patients to smile confidently by fixing teeth in a day using CEREC restoration.

Now, what is CEREC?

CEREC is the short term for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEramic REConstruction. It is an advanced technology that allows us to design and make customized restoration for your damaged teeth in one single appointment.

CEREC CAD-CAM allows us to create crowns, partial crowns, implant restorations, bridges, and veneers without depending on dental labs.

So when we say damaged teeth, what exactly do we mean? And how does CEREC help?

When we say damage we mean, teeth that are broken, chipped, and worn-out. These patients can benefit from CEREC crowns. Due to their natural-looking appearance, while replacing the missing teeth with an implant, these crowns are used. The use of CEREC doesn’t stop there; we can use this technology to mask discolored teeth or straighten teeth using veneers.

But why should you consider fix teeth in a day of treatment option or CEREC?

Well, there are many reasons for you to consider CEREC as a treatment option, such as:

1. Precise impressions: CEREC technology involves the use of computer-aided manufacturing. Impressions are taken digitally with scanners within minutes and are more accurate than the ones taken manually.

2. Customized fit: The CEREC software uses a CAD manufacturing unit (milling machine) or a 3D printer to create perfect fitting implant restoration and filling material.

3. Low scope of error: As most of the scanning, planning, and manufacturing is done digitally, the scope of error is reduced to negligible.

4. Natural appearance and color: The material used by CEREC is close to a natural tooth in appearance and feel.

5. Stronger and resilient. The highly durable materials used to create a CEREC crown are less prone to flaws and cracks when compared to other types of dental restorations.

6. Save time: Now no need to have multiple visits and waiting for weeks for teeth restoration. You can walk into our clinic in the morning and get your teeth restored the same day within few hours, saving you time and effort.

At Om Happy Teeth, Pune, we fix teeth in a day, and if you want to get a smile that will make you happy, book an appointment with our experts & get your teeth fixed in a day.